As we all know, content marketing has always been a significant strategy for every prospect of business. It has been the topmost priority for 80% of marketers. Whether small or mid-size, every type of business is taking advantage of content marketing while decreasing costs related to traditional marketing methods. According to research content marketing produces 3 times more leads and costs 62% less as compared to other traditional marketing. It assists you to produce highly qualified content, increase engagement, develop brand visibility, drive sales and ranking your business to the next level.  Also according to Monster Insights Quality Content is among the most important Google ranking factors in 2022 But the most important thing we are skipping is consistency. We all should know that content is vain without consistency. It serves as a solution for any business brand. Your content must contain a consistent and unique voice, tone and style. Apart from it, the quantity of the content you publish is also important to any shrewd marketing strategy. Consistent content helps you to build credibility, develop trust and enhance your brand reputation. In this article, we will discuss 15 benefits of consistent content marketing in detail to prove how valuable this marketing strategy can be for your business.

1. Increase brand awareness

There are several ways to increase your brand awareness but among them, the most successful and unique way is through consistency. As per the research, 93 percent of organizations depend on consistent content marketing methods to build their brand awareness. It convinces clients to share their content with others on a continuous basis through their own trusted source of platforms. Successful marketing helps your content and business to appear everywhere your potential clients are searching for. To carry out this strategy, write on the topics customers are looking for so that they start linking your quality content with your brand.

2. Improve website traffic and SEO ranking

Productive content creation is the basis of organic search and the most successful method to drive traffic to your website. Quality and consistency are the two main factors that affect SEO. To make your business more successful your content must have these factors.  Highly qualified content on your website increases readers and potential clients to your website in several ways, ranking your website naturally in search engines. It assists search engines to determine whether the blog or website is authentic, and information in it is beneficial for specific search results. Along with that, add keywords to every piece of your content which helps to enhance your result for long-tail keywords. These keywords arise gradually, with every content you publish, drawing in a wide range of targeted traffic.
Increasing Organic Traffic

3. Increase customer engagement

Creating engaging content can be a real struggle but it is worth it because it keeps your potential customers engaged, generating more revenue which is cheaper than paying to buy new customers every time. This emphasizes the significance of creating your content consistency not just in style but in tone also. Quality content acts as a magnet, attracts customers’ attention, and strengthens positive brand experiences which help customers to keep engaged and increase revenue.  But if a company does not create consistent content regularly or is not able to maintain the same nature then they would be more likely to lose their engaged customers.

4. Build trust and credibility

By creating quality content you can build good relationships with your audience. Let me tell you how? You can answer audience questions and interact with them through your content. When you make them feel like you care about them by creating value without asking anything in return, your audience will automatically start trusting you and your suggestions. As mentioned before, having high-quality consistent content creates trust and credibility in your clients. The more the consistency, the more you build credibility. It also builds brand reputation by showcasing your content at the right place, right time, and with the right audience.

5. Increase social media engagement

All the content you create should be created to have it read, shared, and liked by the audience. While creating content the writer should be assiduous in adding CTAs and provide easy ways for readers to share it on social platforms or else. When people find your content attractive and interesting they become your brand’s promoter and start promoting your brand on different social media platforms, recommending their friends, and sharing it with others. Apart from it, increasing your followers on social media channels is another way of having better traction on social media. But if you have a huge following and still not receiving better social media engagement then it is the right time to use a consistent content strategy. As mentioned above, content marketing helps you to enhance your social media engagement. You can track your content campaign performance by using HubSpot analytical software.
Hubspot Analytics

6. Cost and time effective

Over time, changes in content marketing strategy have made it the most cost-effective marketing strategy as compared to other marketing methods. There is no need to pay for advertisements agencies or billboards.  High-quality content serves as the best marketing method and it can be written by anyone in your team well-knowledged, acquainted, and experienced with that specific subject. Creating and publishing high-quality content is a one-time effort but a paid advertising method requires approximately more than a week for commitment and a huge amount of budget for testing and optimizing relatively depending on the competition.

7. Generate more leads and sales

When clients visit your website with qualified content, they are more likely to purchase from you. Adding engaging content online in a continuous manner will help you deliver new clients every time. Apart from it, adding CTA anywhere on your website will also help to gain visitors’ attention and generate new leads and sales. As stated by an expert, quality content serves as a guide for customers to attract them to your landing page. When you provide customers with valuable and useful information for free, including the call to action anywhere in the middle, the bottom of the post, inline, or at the side panel it seems informational to customers. The more satisfied your visitor with your content, they are more likely to proceed to your landing page.
inbound marketing methodology

8. Improve conversion rate

When you consider all the above benefits, consistent content marketing campaigns have a higher conversion rate as compared to other marketing techniques. The content you publish impacts your conversion rate. By producing original content through a consistent content marketing strategy you can connect with your clients and provide them with the required relevant information regarding your services or products. All you have to do is create engaging content using CTAs and original graphic images rather than stock photos to meet your audience’s needs, as visitors can report on being ineffective in providing useful information. 

9. Enhance your brand visibility

The quality content you produce increases your online brand visibility and builds trust and credibility with your clients. A developed content strategy is better for your SEO strategy in many ways. It directly or indirectly drives more visitors to your site. For example, you write captivating content related to your products, visitors would visit your product page after reading your article but only when your article links to those product pages. Backlinks also play a vital role in your brand visibility. Let’s assume you have created mind-blowing content and other websites link back to your content. Every time a search engine will view each new backlink as a review your article is a trusted and useful source.Whenever people visit those blog articles that link to your product or service page, it will send a little love to your page. The more and more love you send to your page, the more likely your page would rank higher on SERPs and people would buy from you. 
SEO growth of a website

10.Simpler than traditional marketing

Consistent content marketing is way much simpler and takes less time as compared to other traditional marketing. Banners and billboards can be a good way of branding. But spending million-dollar bills on TV commercials and advertisements is nothing but a waste of money because no one likes to get interrupted by someone trying to sell their product.  40% of internet users have used ad blockers and I am sure this number wouldn’t decrease over time.. Through content marketing, you can easily spread awareness of your products and service by consistently producing high quality content on your website. It already produces interest in the audience before you launch your services or products.
Ad blocking usage by years

11. Scale your retargeting audience

Consistent marketing is an effective marketing strategy for B2B companies because it allows and provides us with a platform to display ads on our website for audiences who visit our products pages and leave the site without buying anything. I know stating this point after charging TV commercials and advertisements is not mature. But to be honest, ads can be useful in some ways. Let me illustrate. For example, you wrote an article answering some questions asked before buying new furniture. A visitor who reads your article in detail is more likely to buy furniture in the upcoming days. So displaying ads can be useful for those readers, finding and reminding them of our product.

 12. Provide compounding ROI

The good thing about consistent content marketing is it generates long-term success. Every content we post can increase hundreds of potential clients every month. As per the research marketers who hierarchize content marketing are more likely to see positive ROI 13 times more. But, you can only take advantage of compound ROI when you consistently post content on your website.  In addition, it also helps to produce more qualified website visitors to your website through other website links. Every link helps generate more visitors to articles or other website pages that are linked to.

 13. Build brands authority

Brand authority is the reason whether a person buys your product or not. Creating high-quality content on your website helps you to build your online brand’s authority. If your website is trustworthy and knowledgeable then you’re more likely able to rank on search engines. Clients will trust you more when they see you as a trusted and expert source of information. Your content should consist of valuable answers to all questions your target audience has and your field expertise.

 14. Google loves content

Google loves to provide its audience with the best search experience they are looking for. And creating high-quality content is the best way of providing users with this experience. A study found out that Google sends 10 times more traffic to average sites as compared to Facebook or any other website. In other words, consistent content marketing can substantially generate traffic from your most effective organic search. 
Google ranking factors by firstpagesage

15. You’ll have loyal brand fans

As stated above, keeping up the content marketing helps you to increase your brand awareness. 

The moment your brand awareness increases, all visitors who praise your content and link all those great feelings with your brand would be more likely to become your brand advocates and promoters before purchasing your product.

In simple words, as we all know that as your loyal brand fans see that this brand is providing value to its current customers or if they get satisfied by their services, they immediately start promoting it to their friends, families, and more and convince them to purchase our products. 

The only successful way a company can make this a reality is through consistent content marketing.

Long story short

As compared to traditional marketing, video marketing, and paid advertisement, content marketing is the best, most cost-effective, and efficient marketing strategy. Building a consistent content marketing strategy can be the most profitable and important step you can take towards your success.