Are you getting the high returns on your minimal investment or you’re just pouring money like a fund into a content marketing campaign that barely even generates substantial results? 

Okay, Let’s not rush…..

We’ll start again from scratch

Nowadays content marketing’s importance is growing as a strategy to build and sustain a web presence. It can produce great results for your business. According to CMI digital content marketing stats, 72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement. In addition, 72% say it has increased the number of leads.

organizational goals for B2B content marketing

Your content marketing ROI is a significant number that shows how expeditiously your campaign is working. We all know that content marketing works. But in your case if it is not working, meaning you’re not seeing the ROI you are expecting then it is frustrating even after you’re working hard. 

Hard-working is not always an optimal way, sometimes you need to change the direction of the way you are working.

Now is the right time to change your strategy, improve the ROI of your campaign and gain the benefits from content you’re already creating without the need to invest more into it. 

I will tell you how.

What is ROI?

Return on investment is a performance measure used to calculate the profitability and efficiency of expenditure. It directly evaluates the amount of return on any particular investment depending on the investment’s cost.

Regardless of size or industry, the ability to measure the return on investment is extremely significant for business. 

As mentioned above, by calculating your ROI, you can understand how well your business is going depending on industry norms and which areas need improvement to achieve your goals. According to an article, legal services top the charts in terms of return on equity, a variation of ROI, with an average ROE of 83.4%. Few medical industries round out the top 15 industries with a high average ROE, alongside accounting at 73.1%, real estate agents and brokers at 62.3%, automotive repair at 58.5%, restaurants at 55%, as well as other industry sectors.

Calculating ROI gives you valuable insight that you can utilize to enhance your marketing strategy. 

Ways to Boost your content marketing ROI:


1) Create highly qualified, blog content:

Creating high quality content is one of the most important things you can do to attract clients and build interest in the business. It is a long-term investment in building an audience and encouraging them to come back again in their time of need.

No matter how much you spend time, effort, and money on ineffective content, it’s like you’re throwing these resources away in vain.

There are no limits to creating evergreen content, you can keep improving your content as much as you can. All you need is to make sure you are adding true and factual information to your content. A single piece of wrong information can mislead the audience and can put your reputation at risk. 

High-quality and evergreen content will help you to draw traffic and leads over time.

For your ease, Google has mentioned high-quality content features in Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines.

  • Useful content gives purpose to readers to read the content. Content must include something that readers found useful and purposeful, meaning it should provide relevant information audiences are looking for or a solution to their problem.
  • The more relevant your content is, the more authentic and believable it is. Relevancy is vital to making your content marketing strategy a success. If your content isn’t relevant to the searcher’s search intent for keywords you’re targeting, you won’t rank.
  • High level of E.A.T (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness)

Setting up high-quality content will perform in the background meanwhile you can pay attention to more important matters which might be what you’re looking for to increase your ROI.

2) Be Consistent:

When it comes to content, more is better. The more consistently you produce the high-quality evergreen content, the better results you would get. This is because Google’s algorithm notices consistency and so do readers because the audience is continuously searching for information and if you are the source they find out have the best answers to their problems, then they would more likely trust you and buy from you.

If we compare, who are you gonna trust and prefer more? The company creating and publishing amazing content consistently or the one just showcasing a few ordinary blogs repeatedly. 

Obviously the first one.

Nowadays companies are producing and publishing more content and marketers are increasing their content marketing budget. Due to a fact, if you publish more blogs, the more chances you have to increase traffic. And the more traffic coming in, the more potential conversion rate. 

This is the reason why creating and publishing content consistently has become one of your secrets to beating your competitors and boosting your content marketing ROI. 

Must check out our article on Benefits of consistent content marketing.


3) Use responsive website design:

It is important to focus on your content strategy to increase your content marketing ROI, but not forget to consider other basic elements. Such as your website.

It would be a great loss in creating evergreen content that the audience cannot read or have difficulty accessing. That’s why building a well-developed website is another important factor to consider. A good website serves as a content hub and brand headquarters that helps in ranking high on search engines as well as among readers. It helps your website to adapt the size of the screen of your computer or mobile device your audience is using to view your content. According to a report by CIO, the best way to achieve readability is through the responsive design of your website.

Google user experience is a standard necessity. 

A website that takes time to load or contains multiple popups, confusing designs, or ads serves as a roadblocker to your content. The audience easily gets annoyed and doesn’t read your article and trust you. 

While determining your page ranking, Google picks up on these signals and considers them, especially if your user experience lags from your competition. 

factors that influence user experience

4) Develop your presence on social media:

The better and bigger your social presence, the faster the audience will come upon your content. 

As you build your social presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and others, your results will grow dramatically. This is because as more and more people will get aware of it and the number of audiences sharing your site with their networks multiplies very quickly. 

A report shows that social media helps you to know and gain knowledge about your audience and market. You can get to know which topic is trending and trends that are waning before your competitors do. Also, you can determine what type of content audiences are sharing and what type of not sharing. 

why is social media marketing important

You can start by developing a professional social profile on a specific social network. Just make sure your business profile is lined up with your company’s profile and all of your content is qualitative and valuable. 

Some search and analytics tools help you to keep track of what’s happening on social media. Such as BuzzSumo, Google trends, and others.

5) Write content for your Audience:

Writing evergreen high-quality content is not enough, you should know what you’re writing about. 

Writing on random topics wouldn’t do anything. Instead, for the best ROI, you should focus on topics that are useful and relevant to your audience’s requirements and interests. For this, you should know and understand your target audience. Visit the sites your audience prefers and read the conversion that takes place. Review the content and see what are the reviews of your audience related to the content. 

Once you’ve cleared the picture of your ideal customer in your mind then you can research to find those relevant and useful topics. 

Create content that people respond to instead of content with less response. Try to write on topics with broad keywords related to your services or products. Think about what your audience might need from your chosen topic. You can use keyword research tools to find out how competitive this term is and whether you’re able to rank on it or not. 

Any keyword research tool dashboard

Putting it all together:

As mentioned earlier, content marketing is a fast-growing trend and it’s not coming down slow so soon. 

So what are you waiting for, start your content strategy today. Find out what your target audience is looking for and deliver it to them.

While considering all of the above suggestions, make sure you aren’t working in a vacuum. Don’t put all of your focus on one content marketing. Commit a budget and a plan, zoom out on each and every strategy, keep looking at how everything is connecting from time to time, and hire professional writers to help you with creating the content that helps grow your business.