SEO or search engine optimization is a robust tool to create authentic search results for your website. The better SEO services your company has, the more likely you’ll be able to attract potential and prospective clients to your business.

Building trust and credibility between you and your clients, adding value to customers’ lives, and setting up commands in the field establish a strong foundation to increase income, brand awareness, and attract more customers.

SEO strong practices are one of the best ways to increase your brand’s trust and credibility. This trust and reputation encourage people to come to your site for information. 

Here in this blog, we’ll tell you how to gain trust in SEO to gain high search visibility and customer interest.

1. Increased Social media presence:

An increase in technology and modernization has made social media the most reliable, and effective way to build trust and credibility in SEO. But the point is social media does play a part in SEO – maybe not directly but indirectly.

Let me tell you how?

Spreading your business across all social media platforms through social sharing, posting, or creating social profiles, helps you to showcase your content in front of a large audience which increases your brand awareness and increased brand awareness is a solid path to building trust and credibility between you and your audience.

As per the research, 77% of customers have said that they would prefer a company with a vast social media presence and 82% will trust the company more. 

The more the trust is built between you and your clients, the search engine will trust you more. For example, if you’re constantly showing up on every platform and audience praising your services or products it means that Google will see you as a trusted source of information.

After the research by CognitiveSEO, they analyzed 23 million social shares on specific platforms and found an ambiguous link between social shares and SEO. The shares, links, and comments on your site are the crucial signs that Google and other search engines use to build trust and rank your website.

2. Creating Google My Business profile:

Google business profile, formerly known as Google my business, is the most simple and effective way of setting your business up to be found online. It includes all relevant information about the business such as phone number, location, website URL, etc. Read the guide on Google My Business here.

In which location serves as the basic and foremost requirement to help Google recognize whether this business exists and serves real customers or not. Once your address is updated Google allows you to work with it to verify your business.

No matter what, if you’re running an online business and you don’t have any physical shop, then you should still consider Google my business page.

By the time more and more search results are being geographically specific which means adding your location can easily attract several potential customers to your site and help in building trust.

We know as Google keeps changing its algorithms, if you want to appear in local searches you should have Google my business page listing and keep optimizing it from time to time.

Google My Business Profile Optimization

3. Increase Marketing:

Every business needs a relationship of trust and understanding for SEO to rank high. But how can marketing establish this trust?

Marketing is a tool to create and maintain competition, reputation, trust, and more. Without it, your company would suffer a lot.

Marketing research segmentations are the key method to build trust and gain traffic at your site. It helps you to deliver what you promise at the right time and make the customer’s brand devoted. The trust and credibility between your business and customer results in more bounteous commercial activities.

In fact, Google provides you with several authentic sites to advertise your products and services. The more you advertise, the more people will get to know about your services, more traffic will gain which means more trust and credibility will build. 

There are several ways of marketing but according to us CTA (call to action) is the best way of marketing your services. Whether you are writing blogs or guest posts, you can add CTA to draw customers’ attention and persuade them to use your services or products.

4. Reviews and testimonials:

Online reviews are also known as SEO ranking factors. It had a great impact on your SEO efforts. Your brand can build trust with a continuous flow of positive reviews. Sharing reviews and testimonials is another way to boost clients’ trust and credibility. 

As per the research, 90% of buyers have read online reviews before finalizing to visit any business. 

Along with that 94% of online shoppers outlined that a negative review stops them from visiting a business.

This rating shows that online reviews both positive and negative have a great impact on your sales plus on your SEO efforts.

Positive reviews and testimonials are powerful in defining your brand, creating users’ trust, and increasing sales and leads. Happy clients reviews served as social proof of authenticity for all potential clients. Which helps to solve clients’ queries regarding services and gain their trust.

testimonials of business

Apart from this, adding multiple positive reviews to your site helps to optimize and increase the exposure of your GMB profile. It also makes your profile display when potential clients search for your services.

5. Be responsive:

Responsiveness is the foundation of trust. It is the way to present how much you respect and care for the clients you are dealing with.

Being responsive serves as a nonlexical sign regarding how prompt and trustworthy you are. Activeness and responsiveness are one of the features of gaining trust and building successful businesses

Answering questions of potential clients and replying to their emails in a timely manner will build trust and can make them realize that we are authentic and responsible for their needs. Providing them with every information they require including price, limitations, and more will help them to make a clear decision. 

The more informed and instructed a client feels, the more likely trust will build between you and clients.

There are several platforms such as FAQS, blogs, relevant forums like Quora, Reddit, etc so that potential clients can easily approach us. The more responsive you are, the better you’ll be able to gain their trust.

Live chat support on the site

6. Build your Reputation:

Last but not least, every business has a reputation which is how people get aware of your brand, products, or services. 

Companies with a positive reputation build trust which helps you to often attract potential candidates that are more likely to persist for a longer time and offer long-term contributions.

A company with a good reputation will open doors to several amazing opportunities and will help you to become a trusted source in the eyes of clients as well as search engines.

The way to build a worthy reputation is to do things right, which includes providing great products, and impeccable customer services. Accomplishing these points will help you to build trust and credibility.  

According to a study, companies with a great reputation for transparency were considered more trustworthy as compared to companies that didn’t.

Final Words:

Building trust and credibility can take a lot of time. But these ways can help you to gain trust and credibility in a short span of time. All you have to do is value your customers and engage with them. They will soon trust your brand and buy your products. So get started with your SEO tactics. Good luck!