Do you know that 97% of users searched online to find an online Local business? Do you know that the majority of users use search to find businesses nearby? And also that 54% of us are making these searches at least once a month and 12% search for a local business every day. 

Now you’ll be thinking, How can these statistics relate to your service area businesses?

Let me answer!

This shows how important it is to make your businesses visible on local search engines. This is what local SEO is about.

Today in this blog we’re going to talk about a different type of SEO effort – local SEO for businesses. And along with that, we’ll cover:

  • 15 Benefits of local SEO 
  • Local SEO vs Organic SEO

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What is Local SEO?

The search engine optimization strategy that helps your businesses to become more visible on local search results on search engines is known as Local SEO. 

Any business that has a specific location or geographic area can benefit from local SEO. If someone searches on Google with specific keywords related to your business and 3 listings along with the map appears below it, then Local SEO can help you grow your business. 

It is no secret that nowadays multiple business owners are struggling to survive due to an increase in an online presence. The reason why everyone aims to increase sales, generate leads, and increase website traffic through search engines. 

And when it comes to increasing traffic and generating leads, there is something crucial you need to know.

According to recent stats, local SEO is doing very well as compared to other paid media.

Local Business
Source: Safari Digital local SE0 statistics 2022

We know that SEO is a competitive term and inclusive too, but a local SEO job is to increase visibility on local searches. 

Implementing local SEO helps your substantial business get noticed and make it seen. It increases visibility by targeting potential audiences who’re looking for your services, or business. Its process includes multiple technical strategies and creative perspectives that prove to Google or other search engines that your business is relevant to that specific search in that particular location as compared to other businesses out there. 

15 Benefits of Local SEO:

If still not convinced, here are the top 15 benefits of Local SEO that can grow your business from several different aspects. 

  • Boost your local visibility:

One of the core benefits of implementing local SEO to your site is the increase in local search visibility, And increasing local visibility helps your businesses to identify your nearby competitors and rank high for the same keywords in search engines. 

Adding or improving your business’s details and content for local searches will result in getting more people who are keenly interested in your services. 

According to research, 67% of users’ clicks receive Google’s top 5 results. Meaning you just have to make sure that your site is displayed for the right queries to get in these top five positions.

local visibility
Credit: Influencer MarketingHub
  • Increase website traffic:

Local and organic searches together make up 69% of overall digital traffic. This means SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic and convert it into sales. 

Organic search traffic distribution
Credit: Milestone Research

The more your visibility is, the higher you rank. And the higher you rank, the more customers will be able to see your website. In this way, you’ll receive more traffic to your site. 

Although all the traffic won’t convert into sales but the more the better. Targeting local potential customers means that you’re encouraging them to visit your site. 

  • Get local reviews:

92% of customers view reviews before making a purchase decision. Meaning better reviews is equal to more business.

local reviews
Source: Brightlocal local consumer review survey 2022

Another important benefit of Local SEO is the increase in online local reviews. Websites that are generating fresh and positive feedback continuously, result in ranking high on search engines because quantity and assortment are the priority of visitors and search engines.

Make sure you show the positive side of your services, cause visitors will cross-check reviews and ratings on different platforms such as social media and Google my business profile.

  • Build strong local outreach:

Successful community outreach is an easy process. You just need to know whom to reach and how to engage them. And local SEO efforts can help you with this.

Implementing local SEO strategies helps you to infuse your business with that local community and make you part of that.

Maintaining and creating your GMB profile will help you to build strong credibility and increase your online presence in that particular area. Communities will outreach you to get your services or products as credibility plays an important role in earning trust, especially among local customers. 

Creating these networks leads you to strong local community outreach. 

  • Save cost on Ads:

Another important reason to consider local business is that it is far more cost-effective as compared to investing in ads.

Save cost on Ads

Research shows that over 80% of smartphone users select the “near me” choice while looking for specific services. A good local SEO strategy yields better results than advertisements plus you don’t have to pay again and again to rank high and stop when you are out of budget. Once your SEO strategy ranks you high, you don’t have to pay for advertisements.

Implementing a local SEO strategy increases your online presence, and provides you with free websites to fill in your business information. Along with that, it saves your marketing budget which you can utilize on other advertising methods such as newspapers, SMM campaigns, flyers, outdoor advertising, and more.  

  • Get listed on local listings:

Online directories are important for local businesses

And local SEO allows you to get listed on local business directories. 

Google my business is one of the most popular online business directories up till now. It provides you the ability to add your business location on Google Maps and serves as the perfect place to display your business key information, such as phone number, address, location, reviews, etc. 

Local businesses receive 94% of calls from GMB on weekdays

Apart from GMB, there are several other business directories you can get listed on. For e.g Yellowpages, Waze, Yelp, Apple Maps, and Trip Advisor. It helps you to improve your online presence, build online visibility, increase brand awareness, and helps you gain trust.

  • Trust and credibility:

Another benefit of a local SEO strategy is that it makes you look trustworthy in the eye of the audience and search engine.

Trust and credibility

You won’t trust someone you have seen for the first time or have never heard before. Implementing a local SEO strategy for your business helps you to build an online presence. An online presence is an effective way to measure the validity of the business. If you rank high on the first page of a search engine, it means you’re a reliable business. You’ll earn trust and credibility which leads to converting your brand trust into brand loyalty in a short time. 

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  • Compete over competitors:

Still, few businesses rely on traditional marketing which is a great opportunity for companies implementing local SEO strategies selling the same services.  

It’s no secret that people prefer those businesses who rank high on SERPs and they won’t doubt your legitimacy and experience because search engines are a place where we all do our searches and without wasting any minute we pick up the brand that appears on top of the search engine. 

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And local SEO is all about ranking your site on top of the SERPs. It is the right time to make local SEO the best part of your strategy. No doubt that it allows you to gain a long-term competitive edge to give your competitors a hard time.

  • Increase your conversion rate:

Another important benefit to mention here is that a local SEO strategy helps to increase your conversion rates.

You can ask any PPC strategist; they will agree that local SEO performs better than any paid results. According to Joel House Search Media, 28% of the local searches result in sales.

Local Searches

Local SEO indeed results in increased traffic which leads to increased sales – both resulting in a better conversion rate.

  • Attract loyal customers:

With the help of suitable reviews and ratings, you can increase the number of new as well as loyal customers. 

As mentioned above, the Local SEO strategy helps you to generate highly relevant traffic which directly converts into sales because local business customers are sure about their decision and already searching for a fast solution to their problem. 

Along with that, it has been proven that 24% of users look online when they have clear intent to buy.

loyal customers
Source: LSA Research

This is where local SEO also plays its role – the more positive reviews you generate the more Google will push you in the front of map results.

Make sure you have a strong local SEO marketing strategy to increase your ranking which helps you to get these customers before your competitors do. 

  • Build a community:

Selling products or offering services on demand of local customers in their location – local business can be far more than that. 

Implementing a local SEO strategy for your business can provide you with sponsorship opportunities and increase your brand awareness among your audience who prefer local businesses. Availing these sponsorship opportunities and participating in local business events can help you build a strong presence within the community.


This behavior will encourage other local business owners to connect with you and build a network. It will increase your brand reputation and enable you to become a part of a local community.

  • Shows up in Google 3-pack:

Another important benefit of local SEO is that it enables your business to appear in Google’s 3-pack. 

It is the search result Google shows for the local intent. When a person searches for local services, products to buy, and places to visit in a specific location Google provides it with a list of three options to choose from. And the “view all” button beneath it if someone wants to explore more.

Most people prefer to go for the option within the list that Google chose for them and consider them the perfect answer to their problem. According to research, Google’s 3-pack goes to the top of 93% of queries with regional intention. 

Having a relevant local SEO strategy helps in showing up in Google 3-pack which helps in increased traffic and more potential sales. 

  • Have long-lasting rankings:

Local SEO strategy provides you with long-lasting rankings.

No doubt that advertisements provide you with immediate results but only for the time being you’re advertising. Once you leave advertising, you’ll no longer appear on top of SERPs.  

Having a strong SEO strategy provides you with permanent rankings. It requires more time and effort than advertising but it will not let you down in case you don’t put effort into SEO strategy. It enables you to build permanent relationships with your customers. 

Make sure you keep investing in your strategy to stay updated on results. 

  • Build links with neighboring businesses:

Cooperating with businesses selling or providing the same services might not seem competitive but complementing each other can be helpful. It enables you to cross-promote your business and increase your local business awareness. 

This is what local SEO is about. The higher you appear on online local directories, the more local business owners will approach you for collaboration. In this way, you can cross-promote your products and services and meet more potential clients. This can be a win-win situation for both parties. 

  • Mobile Optimization:

Mobile search makes it more convenient for people to make online purchases. That’s why 69% of people use their phones to read online reviews rather than asking an employee to consult them.

Mobile Optimization
Source: Oberlo Mobile Usage statistics

Location plays an important role in mobile searches as search engines can track the exact location from where the search is conducted. Making your site mobile-optimized will make the navigating process much simpler – don’t have to write “near me” to discover your business which makes them more likely to make a purchase. 

Local SEO Vs Organic SEO:

Knowing the difference between local SEO and organic SEO or just SEO is significant to make your online campaign successful. 

Local SEO is the strategy that makes your business visible in local search results and organic SEO is the practice of using white-hat SEO strategies to make your website rank higher on SERPs. 

In other words,

Local SEO is about optimizing for geographic location while Organic SEO is about optimizing for content. 

No matter what business you’re running, acknowledging these three differences can take your business to the next level. The first one is the device you’re working on. For organic SEO it doesn’t matter which device you’re working on but local SEO is tailored for the people that are on mobile phones. 

We’ve already mentioned the details in the above points 

Let’s move to the second difference which is decision vs research. People that are showing up organic search are a lot of times more research-focused. They’re looking to kind of learn more about the topic. On the other hand, local search is all about making decisions, they already know what they want, and they just want to find the place to fit their needs. 

Third, one of the main differences between the two of them is that organic search is more tailored toward the national or international audience. You provide the information which is something equally valuable to everyone around the globe but the local SEO is tailored to find people that are present right there in your backyard looking for the answers to something that is right there with them.


Now maybe it is the right time to start the campaign for your own local business to gain the most of it. Implementing a local SEO strategy is the proven way to prominence your business and attract relevant customers. 

If you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry we’re here to help you with our local SEO services that can boost your business. Contact us to discuss your project.