With over 5 billion Google searches per day, it has become significant to get in front of your customers, when they’re searching for your products or services.

SEO is the key part of your digital marketing strategy. It assists your content to rank on the first page of search engines and can be seen by your potential audience. Without SEO you won’t get any traffic to your site and you won’t be able to compete in your niche. 

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As an entrepreneur, you should know that your website is the main source of leads and income for your business. But when you choose to hire low-cost SEO services, it means you’re putting your business and your website at risk. 

When done right SEO is an investment, not a cost. 

Now you might be worried about how SEO strategies will contribute to your company’s budget. You’ll be enticed to cut costs by hiring low-cost SEO services considering whether they will deliver tangible results or not. In most cases, the answer is NO and if this is the case no matter how affordable SEO services are, it is a waste of time and money. 

To help you with your SEO decision, we’ve put some light on how to identify cheap SEO services and why they’re harmful to your ranking. 

By the end of this blog, you’ll have a firm understanding of why low-cost SEO services are risky for your site & business. 

What are low-cost SEO services?

Affordable SEO, cheap SEO, or low-cost SEO- you can call it whatever you want. Everyone has their own subjective opinion of what “cheap SEO” means, but essentially it depends on your company’s budget, revenue, and size of your business. 

Nowadays the word “cheap ” also refers to poor quality, and when it comes to digital marketing, it is true. A cheap search engine is not just related to price, it also indicates the quality of the work, customer service, and results of these services. 

You can rely on an SEO agency that offers high-quality, trusted SEO services to implement strategies that actually work. Our agency is trustworthy and delivers work according to your expectations that your team will be proud of. 

On the other hand, choosing a company that offers affordable SEO services with guaranteed SEO results is a complete waste of money and time. These types of agencies use spammy tricks and tactics to violate search engine terms of services which expose your business to a multitude of risks. 

6 reasons why low-cost SEO is harmful to your business: 

Since SEO is a crucial part of your business success, hiring a spammy low-cost SEO agency can be a total disaster for your company. 

For your ease, we’ve broken down the specific reasons why it’s wiser to choose a professional SEO agency instead of going for cheap SEO services.

1. Low-cost SEO lacks your SEO basic requirements:

It’s obvious that an SEO agency having a low SEO budget can hardly fulfill basic SEO requirements with a few hundred dollars. 

They can either perform keyword research, optimize your key scale pages, or maybe adjust a few technical elements to your site. But they won’t be having financial resources for the two most important and key drivers of SEO- high-quality content and backlinks. 

However, these two elements have immense importance in SEO strategy, they represent a significant percentage of your SEO investment. 

A trustworthy agency works hard to produce high-quality content for your site. This type of content earns links, due to its quality and ability to assist users. No matter how appealing your site is, without good quality content, you can’t gain that approach, exposure, and ranking you’ll require to generate results.

Softvira offer wide range of content writing services with professional content creators.  

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Low-cost SEO services come with no customization, it’s all about copying and pasting. 

As for backlinks, they are the long-term strategy for SEO success. While backlinks can happen organically, there is so much competition that it’s not possible to get enough traction with your content without a campaign. And these campaigns require plenty of time and resources that a cheap SEO service agency doesn’t offer. 

2. Cheap SEO has a risk of black hat SEO tactics:

One of the greatest risks of hiring a cheap SEO agency is that they have higher risks of employing black hat SEO marketing tactics. 

Black hat SEO tactics mean doing illegal things to rank first on search engines. Such as duplicate content, keyword stacking, invisible keywords, spammy backlinks, hidden links, content automation and so much more. 

It is difficult for cheap SEO agencies to drive results for their clients, that’s why they often use black hat SEO tactics. Search engines like Google have changed their algorithms to punish instead of rewarding these techniques, but many low-cost SEO agencies still try to use these techniques. 

Once the search engine realizes what’s happening, it will severely punish not just the page where the black hat tactic is used but the whole online presence will get affected. These tactics are very dangerous and can irremediably damage your company’s online reputation. 

These are commonly used by cheap SEO agencies. At first, you would be glad to see the results but later you would realize the permanent damage, but by the time your business would be penalized by search engines, and you would be left trying to clean up the mess you didn’t make.

3. Inexperienced account managers:

Experience requires more cost which means if you hire a cheap SEO agency, you’ll get cheap labor and cheap labor often means inexperience. 

Low-cost SEO services follow a copy-paste approach to SEO, that’s why they don’t need experienced agents. For these types of agencies, there is no reason to hire SEO specialists because they don’t build custom campaigns or target competitive keywords for your SEO, they just provide your business with as minimum as possible. 

As mentioned above, SEO is a highly specialized industry, so it makes no sense of hiring employees with no or little knowledge of what they’re doing. So if you’re paying for a cheap SEO package in the industry, you probably are paying for someone else’s learning curve. 

People with professional SEO experience have no ambition to work in a cheap SEO agency due to their SEO background; they know how these agencies are recognized and harmful to businesses.

Experience, well-tested strategies, systems, and skills are what makes SEO results possible. Not the number of inexperienced workers. 

4. One size does not fit all strategies:

Search engine optimization is one of those things where you must build long-term relationships with customers. Cheap SEO agencies are far more concerned with clients’ purchases instead of building long-term relationships with your company. 

This is genuinely a red flag for your company because it has a variety of negative impacts. For low-cost agencies, every business is the same. There is nothing unique about your business, services or products, industry or competitors. That’s why you wind up having a cookie-cutter digital marketing strategy for your SEO which isn’t meant to give your business a competitive edge. 

SEO requires a plan and content strategy customized according to your needs, a copy-paste approach won’t work for your business. An agency offering low-cost SEO services doesn’t care about what tactics work for you and what not. They just follow their service script and get their monthly payment. These agencies don’t have time, resources, or the tendency to spend appropriate strategies to sharpen your content to beat your competitors. 

To compare, SEO agencies offering fair prices provide a completely different approach. They customize your campaign from scratch considering your needs and requirements. In addition, they take time to know about your company, your brand, and your team to provide you with effective solutions.

5. Lack of Accountability:

Lack of accountability is common when you hire low-cost SEO services agencies. This is because when you hire a cheap SEO agency, they don’t just care about their reputation and customer satisfaction.

A cheap SEO agency aims to focus on high-volume business as an interesting one, as this creates a shortsighted business model that doesn’t permit the improvement of long-term business relationships or deliver any appearance of the value of money.

They just want to acquire as many off-clients with short-term contracts as possible to make quick money. When your SEO only cares about earning a quick buck, there’s nothing you could do to hold them accountable. The time you would realize and express your frustration with them, they would be on the next project. This would leave you with very little or no advantage.  

6. Cheap SEO providers can’t provide long-term strategy:

Patience is a virtue, this is true when we talk about SEO.

We all know that it requires a huge amount of time to generate positive results through SEO, especially in a competitive market. An efficient SEO campaign requires an immense financial investment without returning any kind of payoff, which is kind of frustrating for those who are new in practice.  

Brands that are prominent on search engines’ first-page experience the biggest profit in terms of quality and quantity of traffic, so seeing profitable results can take a much longer time. 

Cheap SEO agencies are unable to deliver anything but a short-term SEO strategy with no or little value for money due to a lack of time, resources, and money. 

Choose the SEO agency you can trust:

Hiring an SEO company for your business is significant but a low-cost SEO agency can be a major risk to your business in the long run. 

It is better that you won’t waste time and money on low-cost SEO services that are meant to disappoint you in the end and cause irreversible damage to your business. You should look for companies with an experienced background and who hire professional and trained SEO experts and copywriters. 

Softvira is one such company. We would be delighted to help you with your SEO strategies that work. Our white-hat SEO services would help you to optimize your site, improve your search engine ranking and increase your revenue at a fair price.