Do you know that your website acts as your company’s portfolio? It represents your brand to prospective customers. 

Correspondingly, creating well-designed and highly-maintained websites becomes crucial to maintaining and building a strong online presence. 

In this quick guide, we’ve mentioned the golden web design rules which will help you to create a highly-functional and appealing website layout.

Who are we? At softvira, the leading software development company, we strive to provide you with outstanding web development services to assist you in building highly-functional and well-designed website for your business. 

75% of people believe that they judge the credibility of any business through its company’s website design. 

website statistics

Considering this huge percentage shows that a good website design is still a subjective concept. A well-designed website helps build trust and guide visitors to take action.

In today’s competitive world, having a strong online presence is highly accepted, And building a well-designed website is the most effective way to have a strong online presence. 

Despite its importance, web design can be a complex part of digital marketing strategy. There are multiple techniques, rules, and terminologies that are required to make an outstanding site page, capable of achieving all the objectives it is designed for. 

There’s so much you could do and it’s even hard to start. 

So before you start, we’ve presented you with the following web design rules based on our personal experience that you must consider.

1. Design is easy to navigate:

Navigation is the central interaction technique on the internet. Having an easy-to-use website is crucial because if a visitor finds any difficulty in navigating from one page to another, he/she will get frustrated and leave the site. And attracting these visitors to come back to visit the site is nigh on impossible. 

Make sure your website navigation should feel natural, initiative, and effortless. Create well-organized pages and sections with a clear hierarchy or you can create a customizable drop-down menu to help visitors get what they’re looking for within a few clicks.

Easy to navigate Design

Punk Ave, a design agency, is a wonderful example of website navigation.

2. Make it responsive:

Huge percentage of people access websites from a variety of devices such as mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and laptops. In this case, it is important to build websites with responsive layouts where your site can adjust to any size of the screen.

responsive design

Websites with UX designs ensure that no matter how your visitors will see your site, all the important information will be displayed clearly on every device.  

3. Visual Hierarchy:

Another important rule of web design is to apply the concept of visual hierarchy. It is the arrangement of elements in order of importance. This can be done by size, color, imagery, texture, style, typography, and white spaces. 

By laying out these elements logically and strategically, designers affect the visitor’s perceptions and guide them to the desired action. Apart from it, one of the most important functions of visual hierarchy is to establish the central point which shows users where the important information is. 

“Visual hierarchy controls the delivery of the experience. If you have a hard time figuring out where to look on a page, it’s more than likely that its layout is missing a clear visual hierarchy.”

– The Nielsen Norman Group

4. Eliminate Clutter:

Always remember that clean is better than cluttered

Adding too many arrays of buttons, images, content, and more in your layout makes it look unbalanced. Often, many designers add so much information together in one place, that the visitor has an information overload. It prevents visitors from reaching the next step you want them to take, it could be adding a product to the basket, or landing on your contact page.

Try to use more white space. In this way, visitors will have better access to your site information and your page flow will be more defined which leads visitors through and to the end of your sales funnel.

Clutter design example

Arngren landing page is the best example of cluttered web pages. The font is so small a lot of the copy on the web page is hard to read. It is too jam-packed with content, links and images cluttering the background. 

5. Keep it simple:

Simplicity makes websites easy to use. 

Keeping your pages simple through design can be the best way to go when considering user experience and the accessibility of a website. 

Achieve simplicity through design in the following ways:

  • Color is the way to convey your personality and particular mood and evoke emotional responses through your website layout. When choosing colors, try to use a limited color palette that fits your brand. Complementary colors work well. Use appealing color combinations to increase user engagement.
  • Typography is one of the most important elements of website design. It helps in building brand voice and works at visual analysis. There are plenty of beautiful web fonts, but not all are for websites. Typefaces should be legible, clear to read and certify that key information is readable in different sizes. 

Imagery includes videos, images, illustrations, and all forms of the graphic. It is the visual aspects used within communications, so make sure all imagery comprehends with brand personality and is expressive enough to convey a message at first sight. Using high-quality, and natural images help in creating an impression of professionalism and credibility.

simple & clean Web design

This website is the perfect example of correct font with appropriate choice of colors, style and web design.

6. Take content seriously:

A good website consists of both great design and great content

No matter how beautiful your website is, without good content it’s nothing just like an empty shell. Content is an important part of your website. More than 95% of information on websites is conveyed in the form of written form.

Make sure your content is high quality, consists of compelling great language, and is updated on a regular basis, which makes visitors worth visiting. It helps in attracting and influencing visitors by converting them into potential customers. 

Our web content service consists of highly-qualified professional writers in different niches, hired to provide you with valuable content.

7. Consistency is the key:

A well-designed website follows a certain layout through all the web pages to maintain uniformity and theme. An overall consistent look and feel across your website provides a natural experience. 

You can use different design templates on your website, but your pages must have consistent navigation, style of writing, typefaces, and color schemes to have a positive impact on usability and UX.  

Good UI Example

8. Apply Hick’s law:

Hick’s law states that increasing the number of choices can become paralyzing for users to make decisions. The more options available, and the more complex each one of them is, the more time will be required for users to get to a final decision. You can read more about Hick’s law here.

Using limited options at each stage of the user experience will not draw your visitor’s attention elsewhere on the web. Adding a CTA button on the side front of your page can be the most effective alternate way as compared to lengthy menu options. 

9. Test your design:

A single mistake can damage your whole great piece of work. Before launching, you should check your design at least thrice to look for errors, such as typos, images that do not load, and broken links. 

You can get a colleague or two to review as well in case you’ve missed something by chance. And ask them to give their honest feedback, it will provide you with many helpful insights that you wouldn’t have.  

Get designed your website today!

When it comes to web design, visitors expect an excellent user experience. If you fail to satisfy your customers they would just simply move to your competitors. We make sure applying the above-mentioned web design rules will make your website more appealing and create a pleasant experience. 

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