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Logos play a major role in successful marketing campaigns of every type of business. That's why every new business needs a logo. Whether you need a complete transition over to an entirely new identity or simply want an existing logo with a new and fresh look. Softvira is equipped to handle it.

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    Logo Design Agency in New Hampshire

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    Strategic Logo Design and Branding agency

    Softvira is a logo design and certified brand specialist agency with years & years of experience. We have worked with agencies varying from start-ups to large organizations. Our design team is composed of skilled professionals, waiting to create exceptional logos for your brand. We truly believe in creating brand identity through our logo designing.

    Adding creativity to your Triumph

    How logos be beneficial?

    Good logos are known to create impact, emotions, and a specific sense of loyalty. Our logo designs work in an unusual way to boost the look and growth of your brand and we are more than willing to serve you with logos that serve the purpose.

    Foundation of your Brand identity

    We design logos that serve as a foundation for the entire narrative on which the brand is built.

    Promote brand Loyalty

    The more your logo becomes familiar the more it creates the perception that you’re trustworthy and accessible.

    Grab attention

    Our logo designs can quickly seek the viewer’s attention and communicate the brand's core values interestingly.

    Stand out from competitors

    We ensure your logo is a forum for both conveying your values and showing why you’re different from competitors.

    Some of the Types of Logos we Offer

    Logo Designing in NH

    Icon logo Designing

    Our iconic logos will help you look different from competitors. 

    Logo Designing Experts

    Mascot Logo Design

    Our mascot logo designs are colorful, cartoonish, almost always fun, and represent your company.

    The Emblem Designer

    The Emblem

    Our emblem logos tend to have a traditional appearance that can make a striking impact.

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    Clients Testimonials

    Now let’s put some light on what others are saying

    Harry Norman Customer

    Harry Norman


    “ Our whole team was guided with great care, full and detailed support throughout the process. We highly appreciate them for understanding the nature of our project and cooperating with us in aspects of our work”


    “ It was a great pleasure working with such an amazing and creative team”

    Laura White Customer

    Laura White

    Joseph Nelson Customer

    Joseph Nelson


    “ After working with Softvira design team, there isn’t a single day our customers don't praise that how perfectly our logo represents our company’s core values and all the credit goes to Softvira”

    An In-depth Logo design process

    We prefer to take a sensible approach to logo design. Before we put pen to paper. Unlike other companies, which limit design and use a cookie cutter and premade graphics, every logo we design is unique and memorable-just for our clients.

    Logo Designing In New Hampshire
    Research Work

    Research & Discovery

    First, we take our time to research and understand your project's perceptions and your requirements.

    Implementation of Design


    Then putting all our efforts and using cutting-edge technologies we strive to come up with a perfect design.

    Presentation of Designs


    Before presenting we review it several times from several different people to check out where our hard work stands.

    Logo Service in NH
    Designing Future for Businesses

    At Softvira, we create Logos that are


    We design logos in a way that is easy to recall after just a glance.


    We make sure that logos are designed in such a way that it is easy to understand and gives a clear brand message to viewers. 


    We make sure your logo maintains its cohesion and serves its purpose regardless of the situation.

    On brand

    While designing we prefer to use strong visual cues to support your brand pillars. 


    The logo we would design would be just according to you and your business requirements and budget.


    We guarantee your logo would be modern and stand the test of time.

    We would like to hear from you

    Heads Up! We make all your dreams come true in a successful and creative project.

    Our logo designing expertise

    The logos we design are created by professionals with considerable experience, qualifications, and skills at rates that suit your pocket. These experts make sure that the logo settles with the brand requirements and works to enhance the purpose of branding. 

    Color Concept

    Our Esteemed Client

    To us, customer service is everything!

    Business Rocket Softvira's Client
    Aim Softvira's Client
    Lodge Zone Softvira's Client
    7 Eleven Softvira's Client

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    Do’s and Don’ts of logo design

    Logo design is much more than just looking good, pretty, and alluring. The brand logo is something that defines your brand identity, represents your brand’s core values, and communicates to your customers what your company is about.    

    Designing a logo requires several techniques and strategies. While designing you can go as creative as you want but a minor mistake can ruin your brand identity. There are some basic do’s and don’ts that can help you create a unique and relevant logo for your brand.  

    Logo Design Service in NH