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If you’re striving to spread your business globally and to increase your staff by hiring new foreign employees, Softvira proffers you various outsourcing services which also include HR outsourcing service to decrease your administrative workload and to give your employees peace of mind so they can concentrate on their business operations.

We offer you HR specialists to provide you with business options to create a competitive edge.

Integrated HR outsourcing

Proposing HR outsourcing service to support your ongoing business success


We design and comprehend the necessities to fabricate the establishment more grounded.


We apply procedures and strategies to transfer our imagination into the real world.


Give off entrancing after-effects up to their standards.

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Softvira help us with various HR services and we are fully satisfied and happy by the way they handle and manages our business
Oliver Daniel
Handing over your work to overseas employees is very hard to trust, but Softvira is the only company I trust to perform outsourcing services
Leo Basins
For me, it was very easy to increase my employees from 4 to 10 without any effort with the help of Softvira team and now I am tension free regarding my work because I know that my team has became more creative than before
Noah Lee

Expert outsourcing company with


Successful projects


Pleased clients


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Provides what actually matters

Our Services Include

We offer following integrated and cost-effective HR outsourcing services in the areas of finance, representative advantage, and risk management for your benefits

Full Administrative Support

We deal with all proper legal statements, handle any contentions, and supervise all employees' reestablishment or terminations.

HR specialists

We ensure that each of our workers is highly educated, and has previous experience working with foreign companies.

24/7 Transparency

We offer you the outsourcing process from beginning to end. We stay connected 24 hours to assist you with any queries.

Saves your Time

We try to manage payroll processes and other formalities in a short period, to save time for your business operations.

Safety Service

We provide you with a safe workplace to help you in creating a secure environment for your business and employees.

Softvira's Hr Outsourcing Services

Why Partnerships With Softvira?

“Keep your promises and be consistent. Be the kind of person others can trust” Roy T. Bennett

Softvira is proved to be a leading outsourcing service provider company. We fostered the ideal conditions to make the most out of your business and time by offering you high-quality virtual assistants with a wide range of services for your business enhancement.

Client’s Satisfaction

Our priority is to give you an outcome that results in positive customer input and normally achieves customer satisfaction and fulfillment.

Quality Criteria

Quality has consistently been a first-class need of each project and we exceptionally consider it. Our agents make an honest effort to present you with profoundly qualified work and workers.

Pushing To the Best Possible

HR Outsourcing Services Features

HR Technology

We make use of advanced integrated HR technology to avoid wasting time on technical issues.

HR Consulting

We provide you with special advice and solutions to increase the efficiency of your HR operations.


We assure you to customize the plan according to your current needs and perceptions.

Flexibility Of Terms

We provide you with flexible, qualified, and customized HR solutions to help you succeed.

Improve Productivity

We usually fulfill the formalities online so that employees can spend more time working on the project.

Employee Benefits

We provide you with benefits packages to retain and recruit qualified employees.

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