Are you also contemplating whether outsourcing digital marketing services is worth it or not?

That’s great!


In this blog, we’ve explained the detailed answer to this question along with the best opinions you must consider.

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Before we jump into the details, first let me end the curiosity. Outsourcing digital marketing services is the best idea!

Let me tell you WHY?

Digital Marketing Outsourcing Beneficial or Waste?

As an entrepreneur, you know that there are several things you need to take care of, everything requires time and money. Due to this, it is impossible for a person to shoulder the burden of all the things at the same time and that’s what outsourcing is for. 

It’s no secret that digital marketing is the most complex and essential part of marketing strategy for every business, small and big. Marketing your business and reaching your target audience requires a lot of time and concentration which usually makes it hard, I mean impossible for business owners to manage the time between these marketing efforts or other core business processes and enable them to lose their focus.  

This shows how important it has become to outsource your digital marketing services. Outsourcing your digital marketing services helps you to focus on growing your business. Along with that, there are several other benefits, such as:

  • It provides you with the most professional expert digital marketers.
  • Outsourcing provides you with the whole team for a fraction of what you’d pay a single employee. 
  • They help you to get off the driver’s seat so that you can focus on your business’s core processes.
  • As being specialized in this particular field, they come up with new ideas and fresh perspectives that enhance your marketing strategy. 
  • Outsourcing digital marketing gives you access to the best industry tools which alone can cost you more.

I hope these points are enough to convince you that outsourcing digital marketing is beneficial for your business.

Advantages & Disadvantages:

Out There, several marketing agencies specialize in digital marketing services. Outsourcing them would help you to take off the burden, concentrate on core parts, and save time and costs over the long run.

But like every coin, even outsourcing digital marketing services also has both sides: good and bad.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing digital marketing work. 



1)Access to a team of experts: 

It is one of the greatest advantages of hiring a digital marketing outsourcing company. You get access to the whole team of marketers, writers, developers, SEO experts, and more, having extensive experience along with an immense array of skills. 

2) Time-effective:

It saves a lot of important time for you which you can use to focus on other crucial business processes. In this way, you can ensure that work is processed efficiently and effectively. 

3) Build connections:

Marketers working in a digital marketing team are professional and have connections with other businesses related to online marketing. This will help you to expand your network and grow your business to the right audience.

4)Increase productivity:

Once you outsource a digital marketing company you’ll get more productive. You can follow a plan, supervise everything, make sure your timeline is being followed, work according to schedule and follow deadlines.




Not every digital marketing outsourcing company is professional and trustworthy. It requires a lot of time to find an authentic and reliable outsourcing company among multiple choices out there whom you can trust. 

2)Lose personal touch:

You can lose personal touch with the marketing activities, after handing over your marketing work to the outsourcing company which at the start can cause some hindrance, but the sooner you get over those obstructions, the better it would be for your business. 

3)Get delayed:

As you would not be the only one they’re working for, so there would be few delays getting your results.

4)Lack Consistency:

Do remember that after hiring a company you can’t shift to another company. This will lack consistency in your brand image.

Comparison: In-House Team Vs Outsourcing:

Deciding whether to hire a in-house digital marketing team or outsource it to an agency can be the toughest decision. 

So let’s peek into a few comparison points between an in-house team and an outsourcing agency.


Hiring an in-house digital marketing team can cost you too much. Apart from salary, there are plenty of other things that can cost you such as training cost, recruitment cost, benefits, paid holidays, expert development cost, floor space, equipment cost, and more. On the other hand, hiring an outsourcing company is a one-time expense. It saves businesses up to half of the cost of hiring an in-house team. 

2) Skills:

Hiring an agency means having access to a wider skill set, meaning you get a whole team of senior experts to develop your marketing strategy. They are capable of using the latest technologies, keeping up with modern trends, and managing things properly. Plus they are more flexible. Contrastingly, hiring an in-house team lacks skills. We know that digital marketing is a complex process and a single person can’t be an expert in everything required in the marketing process, such as a person expert in web development is different from a person expert in web design.  

According to B2B leaders, lack of skills is the biggest problem- 79% of B2B managers and leaders reported noticeable skill gaps in the teams they manage, ranging from data analysis to core digital marketing techniques to customer insights.

Image source: B2BMarketing.Net


When you hire in-house teams, you not only cost employees more than outsourcing, but they also come with liability. On the contrary, when you decide to outsource your marketing aspects, it means you protect your business from legal liabilities because marketing companies market for a living, they keep up with the latest marketing laws and regulations.  

Cost, Piece of Mind, Reliability, True Expertise! Who Wins?


Still not convinced?

Looking at the above comparison, it is obvious that the benefits of outsourcing far outweigh those of hiring in-house teams.

Hiring an outsourcing agency helps you to accomplish the common goal of every business, big or small – save your company’s money, allowing fast profitability and robust growth. It can be a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing activities, enabling you to relax and freely focus on other business operations. 

What to look for When Outsourcing Digital Marketing of your Business? Your Choice Matters!


Now if you’ve decided to outsource your digital marketing work, let’s discuss a few things you should look for before hiring an outsourcing agency.

1) Communication:

Communication is the most crucial thing which you must not forget. Usually, business owners are afraid of not knowing what’s going on with their marketing strategy. This happens due to a lack of communication. So make sure you know how and when they establish communication with their customers.

Plus communication not only means to see how they communicate or convey messages. Through it, you can also understand their client management abilities, and identify their level of expertise by having a conference call with the project manager and the whole marketing team. 


Try to hire a company that’s able to keep you updated regarding marketing changes, outcomes, and startups


Make sure you hire an agency that charges not too low or not too high. Instead, choose a company that charges a fair wage, this shows how professional they are, care about your brand, and are willing to provide quality results.

It doesn’t matter what you’re paying, if you’re not getting results up to your expectations it’s a total waste. So try to look for a price that shows quality, not a price that is as cheap as dirt. 


Case studies, client testimonials, and portfolios are proof of a company’s expertise and credibility. Looking for these things would give you a clear idea about which type of work they have done and how they deal with their clients. 

Based on these, you can shortlist the agencies to find the right match. Plus experience enables agencies to differentiate what works and what does not.


Choose a company that has experience serving in your industry.

We Understand Your Position & Can Help You:

It is no secret that choosing the right outsourcing agency out of multiple choices is pretty challenging and we understand this.

And if you’re going through the same situation, we would love to hear from you. At softvira outsourcing services, we provide you with a huge team of experts specialized in their particular fields, hired to build a marketing strategy according to your needs. 

Conclusion: Should you choose outsourcing Digital Marketing?

In the digital marketing landscape, competition is very high, and almost every marketer prefers outsourced digital marketing work to take off some of the burdens and free up time for other business processes. 

According to Small Biz Genius, 57% of companies feel outsourcing lets them focus on their core business, and 47% use it to solve capacity problems. This shows no matter what services from web design to digital marketing, outsourcing any kind of work is growing gradually over time. 

There are multiple benefits of outsourcing digital marketing. You just need to know how to take advantage of these benefits and make sure that you partner up with the right outsourcing agency.