Technical SEO services are all about optimizing your website by enhancing the way it’s furnished, indexed, and crawled by search engines. The higher your website ranks, the more quality business it can generate. 

With Softvira SEO services improve your website’s performance and capture high-quality leads and traffic.   

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that technical on-site elements of a webpage are customized to maximize the potential organic visibility in search engines.

The main aim of a technical SEO audit is to access the current SEO of your website and find out which facet you need to enhance for a coherent online experience.  

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It concerns itself with ensuring a website, enabling for more accurate arranging, and rendered by search engines. Technical SEO professionals transcribe search engine signals and acknowledge them in a way that both search engines and users apprehend.  

Key Factor:

Nowadays, websites with slow page load time, poor structure, and crooked redirects can be penalized by Google. 

Although search engines continuously improve at understanding the content of web pages, their crawlers are still robots. Meaning the technical elements of your website or web pages are significant in improving your website’s performance in search engine results. 

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Why is Technical SEO important?

Investing in effective technical SEO is making the right technical decisions over time, optimizing the website, and maximizing its potential for search engine visibility. 

It gives your website a competitive advantage by assisting major search engine bots to crawl and index your website more productively. 

While technical SEO won’t improve the quality of the content of your website, it can improve the number of aspects that are as important to users as they are to search engines, if not more so. 

Benefits of Technical SEO:

The major benefit of SEO-optimized websites is to increase the ability to produce organic traffic. But the websites which are built according to SEO best practices and perform technical SEO optimization bring in multiple benefits to both businesses and the users. 

1) Enhanced user experience:

From boosting rankings and improving user experience, technical SEO is a significant component of any digital marketing strategy. 

Having a positive site interaction not only puts you in Google’s good grades – it is also significant from the user’s perspective.

2) Boost conversion rate:

A well-optimized technical SEO website ranks higher on search engines and serves as a perfect way of increasing each page’s overall conversion rate. 

Note: An SEO consultant can perform keyword research to help the site to rank higher and produce more traffic.  

3) Increase search engine ranking:

An optimized site generates better SEO results. And better SEO leads to higher ROI, greater conversion rate, and user satisfaction. Technical SEO brings in a substantial pool of SEO benefits that are important to tap into.

4) Improve efficiency on mobile devices:

It helps in building a mobile-friendly website that users can access from any device. 

Note: Proper mobile SEO strategies can convert into tangible benefits. 

Technical SEO includes:

Our technical SEO audit covers a host of important checkpoints including:

  • 1) Rid of Duplicate or Thin Content:

Technical SEO helps in eliminating duplicate content from your whole site.

  • 2) Optimized XML Sitemap:

XML sitemaps help sites to list all of their pages, makes it easy for search engines to crawl them all.

  • 3) Optimized Robots file:

Helps us to control indexing and crawling by search engines on our site.

  • 4) Fixing Crawl & Indexing Errors:

Monitor the crawl report regularly and make sure bots index your pages successfully.

  • 5) Improving Site Speed:

Important for better user experience and also helpful in getting search engine ranking.

  • 6) Site Audits:

To gain complete insights into a website, overall traffic, or individual pages. 

  • 7) Fixing Broken Links (Internal & Outbound):

It finds out all the internal and outbound broken links on your web pages and repairs them.

  • 8) Mobile Friendliness:

Make sure your website is consistent across desktop and mobile versions to get a better user experience and increased engagement.

  • 9) SEO Friendly URL Structure:

Build URL structure based on SEO practices which help users and search engines to understand webpages.

  • 10) Adding Structured Data:

Structured data helps search engine web crawlers find the specific content to add the enhancement and potential results.

  • 11) Fixing Redirects:

Audit redirect correctly to help search engines to understand the changes you’ve made and not lose ranking.

  • 12) All URLs HTTPS:

To make sure your website is secure.

Providing Expert Technical SEO in our SEO Services:

The way Softvira provides technical SEO services is different from every project. Through our constant hard work and research into how search engines index, crawl, and render your websites, we’ve intake expertise that helps us to stay ahead of the competition and able to deliver the quality that’s exceptional in the SEO industry.

Our SEO team is composed of experts in managing site migrations, crawling complex facet structures and millions of URLs, and offering unique propositions to address technical problems.

How Bad Technical SEO Can Prevent Your SEO Campaign from Good Results?

No matter how hard we try to stay in line with SEO best practices, every website is bound to some SEO errors that can adversely affect your SEO campaign. 

Google is getting smarter at detecting bad SEO practices, and periodically changing its algorithms to thwart these practices. And if you get caught your site will suffer meaning it harms your traffic potential, miss opportunities, poor user experience, long-term damage and so much more.  

If not practiced correctly, technical SEO can impact your website’s lead generation, conversion rate, and sales. This type of SEO is crucial because without it your website will be improperly indexed. And if this happens, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines won’t know when to show your site on search results pages.  

Performing a technical SEO audit on your site will make sure that you have the correct structure in place so that all the hard work you’ve done on your website will be ranked and indexed properly.

Avoid These Bad Technical SEO Practises:

As mentioned above, bad technical SEO practices have a vast impact on your SEO rankings. 

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the most common technical SEO practices so that you can start things off on the right foot:

  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Broken links
  • Slow page speed
  • No HTTPS security
  • Not enough use of structured data
  • Thin pages & Duplicate content
  • Incorrect Rel=Canonical
  • Incorrect robot.txt

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